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Two years now, two years!

...Written in third person & from my perspective...

Once upon a time, in the distant, forgotten town of Sunset Valley, lived a rather large family of English people. However this wasn't just an average English family, this was The Cronwell's.

Sunset Valley was well known to be a elegant, peaceful town which lay nicely at the peak of The Pacific Ocean. Many families lives among the huge population o the town and most of them typically loves it there because of the lovely climate and diversity.

In the Cronwell family I've managed for two years now, many Cronwell's have been born and many have also died (Just look here - [Clicky click click]) but, some were born with much more responsibility and importance, for once soul reason... to become the heir. I'm assuming you know what an heir/heiress but just in case I'll explain it.

In every 'Generation' of The Cronwell's, one child out of he's/she's siblings is born souly to pursue the role of an heir/heiress and carry on the family name.

By now, you might be wondering, who actually started this family? I mean The Cronwell's couldn't of just popped into thin air! And of course, you're right, and in fact a certain special lady started this wonderful family, two years ago...

You might know her as the 'Founder' of the Cronwell legacy, the almighty Cronwell, the 'first' Cronwell, and that is who she is in fact...

Generation 1 - The Founder of The Cronwell Legacy - Terra Venus Cronwell.

Terra was crated by me two years ago, today, to take on the great responsibility of the Founder. I honestly have no idea why I choose for her to have brown hair, eyes, etc but I really loves how she turned out eventually.

Honestly, I had no idea what to do when I started this legacy which is why I apologize for the first and second generation, it included very poor grammar, punctuation and simple capital letter and full stops!

Terra really focused on family and as soon as she turned twenty, married her high school sweetheart, Xander and they together had five children: Aries, Kieran, Miranda, Jayla and Jasmin. Terra had a great life until she got pregnant with her triplets. As she got closer to he due date she noticed Xander used to go out a lot, much more than he used to do. Things caught up and Terra found out he was cheating on her and of course, kicked him out.

I couldn't just let her live without love so she eventually met Thomas Moore and they settled down and had one child, Demetrius. Eventually Terra died of a heart attack at the age of 89. 

Overall I think Terra was actually a really fun Founder to have played and experimented with two years ago!

The next heiress took on the on position of Generation two and being the eldest of her mother's six children, it was inevitable she was become heiress. She also chose to lead a similar life like her mum, with the fact that she also ended up having six children as well! She's energetic, she's full of life, she loving, she's...

Aries Isabella Cronwell - Generation 2 heiress.

Aries in fact hated her mum throughout her childhood because she wanted her father back and never really accepted Thomas to be her second father, she blamed the divorce on her mum and hardly ever spoke to her. However once she grew more mature and her mum got busier and busier she stepped up in the household and because the mature adult she was though out to be. I think I chose Aries to be the heir mainly because of how she became so mature and responsible  which certainly came in handy when she had her brood of children....

She eventually moved out of her family home in Sunset Valley, married her first love, Carter James, and together they had six wonderful children together. However before she had her fifth child, Scarlett, she had a fatal accident which resulted in her suppose -fourth child's death. I think that put a really rocky struggle on the family and it certainly did on poor Aries, since she feared to get pregnant again. However she had and had a perfect pregnancy, then giving birth to Scarlett as her fourth aalive baby, and two more later on...

Aries' six children were Sophie, Taylor, Hunter, Scarlett, Zoey and Zafrina (which were twins).

Now the next heiress was a little different to the first two because the position of Generation 3 heiress was out of two girl, Sophie and Taylor Cronwell, since they were the first born set of twins.

Since I had no clue of who to pick I put up an heir vote those two years ago and let the audience pick, and Sophie won by I think about five or six votes. I honestly I didn't really mind which one was chosen because I just adored both of them.

I present to you the former....

Generation 3 heriess - Sophie Louise Cronwell.

Sophie was a simple, polite girl who enjoyed gardening and writing. I think I spoiled this Generation the most, giving them perfect children, a perfect house and just generally a perfect life. Sophie was a well educated woman who took delight in children, just like her mother and grandmother. I really liekd this generation and honestly out of the past generation, I'd pick this one as my favorite. 

As soon as Sophie left school, she quickly married her high school sweetheart, Richie Keaton and together they had four children: Riley, Jessie, Isaac and Ezekiel. After settling down properly and having her first child, Riley, Sophie surprisingly discovered the world of magic and supernatural power; discovering Unicorns and the art of Spell Casting. She choose however not to pass her finding unto anyone else but herself because she thought it could result in them using their powers for evil...

Eventually she had four children and lived in a packed house with her mother and her two youngest siblings. As she was pregnant with her third and fourth children (Twins) she found out that her mature mother surprisingly was also pregnant at the age of fourty -six! They both had twins and her mother moved out to give Sophie much more space. Sophie's husband, Richie, wanted more children and eventually Sophie agreed, but it was a little too late as she found out she became barren, which upset her but she was grateful for the four children she already had.

For the first time ever in the Cronwell legacy, I chose a male to take on the position of Generation 4. At first I was a bit hesitant to chose a male to be heir because I thought it would be hard to write from his perspective, since he wasn't the one experiencing birth, pregnancy, etc... but I stepped up and decided to pick him and not his younger sister, Jessie. Anyway I present to you...

Generation 4 heir - Riley Alexander Anthony Cronwell.

As I expected, Riley was a party animal, enthusiast guy who also took great pride in his three children. Riley at first got off to a rocky start as the heir, with moving to a bustling new city with many many bars and all. His actions with his first wife, Chelsea, ended up with an unplanned pregnancy! I think by that happening to Riley it really gave him a massive reality check and made him step up to be a great father, and he certainly needed to be one with what happened to him... 

I have no regrets with Robin because he certainly turned out well and with many st backs, he 'kept calm and carried on'... (See what I did there, you see, right..)

Within just weeks of being in Starlight Shores, he got his first love, Chelsea Brookes, pregnant. He stepped up and together they had a beautiful baby girl, Jade. It was obvious Chelsea didn't want Jade, which resulted in a rocky relationship with her in later life... Anyway Riley and Chelsea married the day Jade turned two and they then had there last baby together, Evan. Riley caught Chelsea cheating with his best friend one day and he filed for divorce, and kicked her out. After that he took on the responsibility of raising his two children all by himself, with no distractions. As both of his children got older and older Jade persuaded him to get back into dating again and it wasn't long before he met his TRUE soulmate, Dayna Thompson. Together they married and had one child, Mary - Jayne.

I think the divorce of his first wife and the accident which was almost fatal really made Riley get his priorities in straight and gain so much trust with his children. 

Now I chose the next heiress purely because of how much of a great relationship she had with her father, Riley. She defiantly looked exactly like him and nothing like her mother, except inheriting her witch - like nose. She took pride in her academic life and wanted nothing less to have a well paid job with a husband and two children. I present the beautiful, strong hearted....

Generation 5 heiress - Jade Mari Cronwell.

I honestly have to say, Jade was the strongest heiress I ever chose, which is probably why she is one of my favorites. Despite the endless lists of problems and setbacks thrown at her picked the the pieces  and carried on living her life, raising her kids and also kept a strong relationship with her husband.

Jade was one to smile even in the hardest of situation, and trust me, there were a lot of them. They all seemed to be thrown at her as she graduated from High School and moved out of her family home.

It all started when her first boyfriend, left her because he finally decided he'd rather date a boy instead of Jade, although that wasn't as bad as the other situations Jade was pretty sad about that. As she got back into dating her best persuaded to go on a date with a guy and as they got more serious, he found out he had cancer and passed on not long after. That really shock Jade as a person and she honestly never forgot about her real first love. She then bumped into this guy and it was love at first sight, but there was only one problem, it was her best friend's ex boyfriend. Jade followed her heart and got serious with this guy, which consequently led to her best friend hating her for many years. After that on the guy that her husband, Alex, proposed to her, her mother came back on the scene and said some pretty hurtful things to Jade, but as usual with her strong self, she brushed them off and told her mother quite a few things too. Jade did get married to Alex and they had their first child, Cassidy. Soon after that Jade heard that her mother had died as a result of a brutal burglary and although she hated her mother, it made her insanely sad. Years later after having her second child, Kieran, he was abducted at a young age. They luckily got him back without any injuries and the abductor was jailed for a while.

As you can see, Jade had A LOT of problems throughout her life but in the end she came out strong.

I chose the next heiress to take on the position of Generation 6 because of her beautiful face and great understanding in science. She, like her mother took great pride in academics but also seeked to find love quickly. She has brown hair, she has amazing maternal instincts, she's....

Cassidy Rae Cronwell - Generation 6 heiress.

Now Cassidy was an interesting heiress, she was almost born as a princess, receiving everything she hoped for: A great house, a wonderful husband, a well paid career and the love of her family and to be honest, I gave her all of those things. She was defiantly the most spoilet heiress I've ever had!

After gaining a best friend and loosing a unfaithful boyfriend, it seemed that love for Cassidy wasn't coming her way anytime soon, until it literally dropped out of the sky. She met her future husband, Harrison, when he fell off a beach ledge and directly on top of Cassidy. It was on their hospital beds where they got to meet and know each other. After years of dating, Harrison proposed to her, they got married and they soon after had twin boys: Robin and Declan. 

Authors note - [Starlight Shores began to annoy me so much up to the point where it got so glitchy that I decided to move The Cronwell's to Twinbrook]

Once Cassidy and her family got settled in Twinbrook, she got pregnant for a second time but this time had a girl, Lindsey. Nothing really bad didn't and still isn't happening in her life which is great for her. I think Cassidy was a great heiress because I loved the way she was able to still hold and stable career and be able to still focus on her family at all times.

And then there's Generation 7, the current Generation. Like Generation 3, the position of Generation 7 was out of a set of twins again. I chose man because of his bright red hair and simply because I think our personalities are quite similar in many ways. I present to you the second male heir...

Robin Alistair Cronwell - Generation 7 heir - Current heir.

You probably know Robin the most as he's the most recent heir and has been for 21 chapter now. Like Robin, I'm clumsy (of course) and we both share a love for children. I would say I built up Robin's personality from my own personality and aspects of my life. However, we don't look nothing a like! 

After being separated from his brother for some years, he eventually found him and they began building their relationship back up. Throughout those you probably know Robin met Gemma and years later Robin proposed to her! Fifteen years later they have five children: Ceallach, Stella, Raegan, Cade and the new arrival, baby rose.

Although Robin isn't one of favourite Generations so far, I do enjoy playing with him and his family everyday and getting to see how he and his children develop into the future.


Two years later and we're here, Seven Generation down; three to go!


''KURTIS! KURTIS! Get here right now!'' The angry Terra called out, these days she was't one to be happy with the world.

''Yes Er- Terra...?'' Kurtis replied, peeking into the photoshoot room. She gave him a dirty stare and firmly pointed one of her finger above her head. Kurtis slowly looked up to see the slowly Plumbob bounce above her head. He let out a small laugh and she continued to point at it while it bounced.

''Stop laughing! Can you tell me why exactly is this damn thing floating above my head once more...!?'' Terra asked her creator, trying to hold it and stop making it bounce.


''Oh it's time for the photoshoot and I decided since I created you I would turn hideheadlineeffects on!'' [Click Video] ''...Is it a problem?'' Kurtis asked her, winking as if there was no problem.

''Yes it is a problem! 'Oh great creator', I've lived with this bobplumb or whatever it's called following me for eighty nine years! I bet it was still floating above me in my damn coffin!'' She replied, with a very angry tone.

''Well tough luck! You just have to put of with it for a few hours while I get this photoshoot done!'' Kurtis replied to her, flicking her plumbob as it bounced. He laughed and went to get the other heirs and heiress.

Just as he was walking off into the other room Terra whispered something... ''Well 'oh great creator', two can play at this game'' She called Kurtis back and he turned around and sighed.

''What now Terra? There's only some time I can put up being in Sims before I go insane!'' He replied.

''Oh. Well I'll say it anyway, remember that time when you went to shower and you left your game unpaused...?'' She asked him, beginning to grin at him slightly.


''Well I found out how to control my plumbob, and better, give other people them!'' Before Kurtis could say anything else she snapped her fingers and all of a sudden a rather larger Plumbob appeared over Kurtis' head!

''What the f-.'' He said, looking up at his massive plumbob. ''How the hell! Actually you know forget it, I've got things to do!'' He said with an annoyed tone, walking out, trying to rid of the Plumbob. Terra let out a little snigger at her creator's frustration.

Later that evening just before Kurtis had to leave to go back to Real Life, he sat down with his current heir to discuss things.

''So, Robin, I understand you've recommend that I choose Stella as the heiress and not Ceallach, am I correct?'' Kurtis said to Robin, swiping out his hand to reveal hologram pictures of Stella.

''Well, yes creator. I know Ceallach is the first born and you normally chose the first born but you never with me and I honestly think Stella has more potential-.'' Kurtis cut him off for a second.

''Than Ceallach?'' He asked.

''Well in a way creator, yes. Ceallach is smart, popular, socially confident and he's just perfect. Stella isn't many of those things and I think giving her the role as the heiress of Generation 8 would really give her a confidence boast and help her generally in life. I mean you don't have to, it's just... a thought.'' Robin said, looking up and smiling at his special daughter.

''You know Robin, I agree with you. I've been observing her ever since she was a toddler and I've noticed she isn't an average girl, she's quite shady with everyone so I think I may go with your thought of her being the heiress you know!'' Kurtis said to Robin, smiling at him and the pictures of Stella.

''Thank you, creator! You honestly have made a great decision!'' Robin thanked Kurtis.

''No problem what so ever! Let's just hope she doesn't have too much sass like her ancestors!'' Kurtis said in a joking manner.

''No Robin, come with me, we have one more photo to take!'' Kurtis said, getting up and calling everyone else in.

''So guys, it's been two years now! This day, Sunday 21st April 2013, two years ago, I clicked the 'Create Blog' button and thus you guys were slowly born over the progression of two years. I blessed all seven of you with wonderful parents, wonderful siblings, wonderful lives and frankly you should be thanking me! But, this isn't the time or place, however it's my turn to say Thank You.''

''Thank all seven of you, thank your siblings, thank your cousins, thank your husband's and wife's, thank your pets, thank every person in this family for staying alive and putting up with my rubbish control over you! I don't regret creating each and everyone of you and I''m happy we've got this far, seven generations far! And now, we have three left, three more Generations left! We can do this!''

The camera slowly moved up to Kurtis' face and then he began speaking again.

''And then there's you guys, my audience, the only reason I sigh and open up blogger to write one hell of a long chapter. Some of you have left and of you have just joined, but I'm just here to say thank you to all of you! Each and every single on of you who continue to read, comment and enjoy my blog. And of course they're so many other legacy's to read and enjoy, but you chose mine! You actually chose mine! And that is why I just want to say, thank you! Finally, we're here, Seven Generations down the reign of Cronwell's: Five heiress's and two heir's and now, we have three more to go, three more Generations to read and enjoy and I hope you stick around with me for another year to do so. I swear making this blog was one of the best ideas I ever thought of doing and it most certainly keeps me from dieing of Procrastination! Anyway enough of my ranting, all I want to say is Thank you so freaking much!''


^________^ Can you just stick with me for one more year? Please & thank you!



  1. Awww, this was super cute! It's amazing to see all of the heirs and heiresses in the same room! You've improved so much on your writing and pictures, Kurtis! I really hope the Cronwells make it to generation 10! ^_^


    1. I had so much fun playing around with them & playing as them once again! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support and I do hopE that too! :D

  2. I can probably stick around for another year :) WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Two Year Anniversary Kurtis :)

  3. I love your legacy so much. And I agree with everything Catlover800 said. :)
    I loved this chapter and I can see you put so much time into and it turned out amazing. ^_^ I can't wait to read the remaining generations of this legacy and hopefully you'll write more even after your legacy is over. :3

    aka Dawn

    Happy 2 year Anniversary!! :D

    1. Thank you so much. (:
      I'm actually so glad and relieved you, and others too, enjoy my legacy because I honestly put so much effort into it and I'm just happy you see it to be turned out amazing! :D

      Again, thank you & you know, I just might. :3

  4. Sorry I could not answer the previous chapter, since this week was between exams and homework to do. The truth and I am very excited to see how the years pass and the generations of these Cromwell family heirs. Kurtis, for me you are the best written and express feelings in each of the chapters and also the best for creating this legacy and hope to continue for more generations and stories to tell:. Happy anniversary!

    1. That's cool, I have some exams coming up too. :L

      Thanks a bunch, I'm glad you're excited to read about future characters! & Oh my *cries* that second to last line made my day! :3 Thank you Kevin, I defiantly will carry on!

  5. Congratulations for the 2 years of your blog!

    It was a very emotional 'chapter' but in a good way, it was funny that scene with the plumbobs, pretty cool! It's great to remember all this generations & I loved that thing of you talking with your own characters! =)

    Hope you'll keep going with this awesome blog! Love the family Cronwell! :D


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