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Generation 7, Chapter 23 : You had some nerve to come and find me!

With Rose just being three weeks old and the youngest of four other demanding siblings, she was defiantly the most demanding out of all the Cronwell children, even more than Stella!

I thought it was just because she was a baby but Gemma suggests it's because she's the youngest and we've already spoiled her so much, personally I just think it's a mixture of both because after all, nearly or even every baby is demanding... and we've already had five of them!

Unlike most teenagers, Ceallach actually enjoyed school. He always came home with a big grin on his face, from passing tests and exams and making even more friends than he already had.

Gemma took a strong liking to Rose as much as I did, always tending to her the first time she cried. Although Rose looked nothing like Gemma they both were already really close, it must have been a mother/daughter bond.

As per usual after every Cronwell baby being born, they sleepless nights came right back through the door. When Gemma was done breastfeeding for the night I was forced to get up and tend to Rose as she howled down the Baby Monitor.

Of course the twins were still so little and still needed a lot of care and attention from us so Gemma and I really had to work all around the clock to keep this family running! Thank god Stella and Ceallach were much older than their younger siblings because it sure would be some hard work having five little children causing havoc!

Stella suggested we watched the new Iron Man movie one Saturday night and I thought it was a pretty good idea. It wasn't long before Ceallach came leaping in with a whole bunch of popcorn, Stella came running in with the DVD and took no time to put it in and Gemma finally came down with the twins dressed in their pyjamas. Five minuets into the movie the twins were already scared out of their skins! Similarly so was Ceallach, which was understandable because he was never one to like Action/Scary movies like this one. Stella on the other hand couldn't stop laughing her head off, which was quiet strange but it made Gemma and I laugh as well!

Surprisingly, a very heavy knock occurred from the hallway. As I walked into the cold, dark hallway I looked for the light as I peered at the shadow of the person at the door. Once I turned it on I was looking directly at the now known woman's feet.

''Can I help you?'' I asked the women. She quickly turned around and we eyes widened at the sight of her face.

The pale, wrinkled women stood upright, formally in front of me. She had bright blue eyes, just like Gemma... As soon as I saw her, I though to myself Damn, age did not treat this woman well.... I din't mean to be rude of course, it was just, she looked rather older for someone who seemed to be about fifty/sixty.

''Well yes young man, you can.'' She said, winking at me. I gagged in disgust as she tried slightly to flirt with me. By this time I was starting to get slightly annoyed by her existence.

''Okay, who the hell are you and why are you at my door at quarter to nine?'' I asked her, in a firm tone.

''Well young man, don't get so sassy to your mother - in - law!'' She stated, stepping back slightly and looking me up and down.

''M-Mother - in - Law. Mother - in - Law....!'' I kept stuttering out as she continued to smirk at me while holding a cigar in her hand.

''Wait. You mean, your Gemma's-.'' I was suddenly cut off by someone tapping their feet behind me.

I turned around as the woman budged pass me and I looked up awkwardly to see Gemma absolutely gobsmacked.

''Mum.'' Gemma said, in disgust. Right there and then my brain clicked, this pale, wrinkled woman who flirted with me was my Mother - in -law and most importantly, Gemma's mother!

''Lovely house you two have here, although I don't like the wallpaper, you should get your husband to re-do that honey. And those flowers, damn they're a bit crusty, I must say. Gemma what-.'' Before Gemma's mother could say anything more negative about our house Gemma cut her off with a glare.

''Honey? Mum, pleas tell me what the hell are you doing here?'' Gemma spat out.

''To see my daughter of course, and my grandchildren I see!'' She said, peering into the living room and watching our children laugh and scream at Iron Man.

Gemma hissed slightly at her once again and began to spoke again. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree, on fire...

''Robin, meet my mother... Tracey Thorton...''

''Are you fucking kidding me mum? My Wonderful Daughter? Please, you resented me ever since you birthed me! And those beautiful children in their are not your grandchildren, they only have one grandma and that's my husband's mother and his name isn't Young Man, it's Robin!'' Gemma told Tracey, her mother.

''Oh Gemma please, I never hated you, not once!'' She said, with an obvious smirk on her face.

''Mum, are you actually serious, you never hated me? Remember when I was three, you purposely threw Cindy, my favorite doll out the window conveniently as the lawn mower passed. Then there was that time on my tenth birthday, you somehow ended up scared off all of my friends.... And finally the day you most wanted, the day I moved to Bridgeport, you popped all of my new car's tires on purpose! What kind of mum were you to me!?'' Gemma replied back, seeing she started to cry slightly.

''Now don't you dare blame those things on me Gemma Elaine Thorton!'' Tracey replied, pointing her finger at Gemma.

''Mum, as you can see I'm married with children, it's Gemma Elaine Cronwell.'' Gemma stated back.

''Oh whatever your flipping name is! And in fact, you know I had mental health problem Gemma, that wasn't me being horrible to you!'' Tracey sort of pleaded to Gemma.

''Oh quit your crap mum, you weren't sick at all! Dad just made up that lie to comfort me and you! You're really just a sick, twisted old crusty goat who can't learn to love anyone!''

Instead of Tracey cussing her own daughter once again, she slammed open the living room door and all the children suddenly looked back to see her awful face.

''Oh god, are these my grandchildren...?'' She said, looking closely at Ceallach and Stella as they looked up and down at her. ''.... Jesus Christ, aren't they just the ugliest children ever!''

Okay that was it, that was the last straw for this woman. Once she mentioned my children's complexion she was lucky to leave our house alive.

''Excuse me, Tracey? Did you just actually call our children, your own grandchildren ugly!? You have some never to come and find Gemma! Your show up at our door in the night, prancing in with your crusty face, argue and cuss your own daughter and then call our children ugly!? Go and take a look at your damn self in the freaking mirror!''

''Oh shut it Robin Red Breast, I never came here to hear crap from my daughter's wasted husband, I came here to make amends.'' She replied back, I was just about to erupt but Gemma touched my shoulder and gave me a look which told me to just stop. Then she took matters into her own hands...

''You know mum, just get out. In fact I'm not even going to call you mum anymore, you don't deserve that title, you should of lost it the day I was born. I hate you, leave me alone, my husband alone and my children alone. Now if you please, get out of our house, Tracey.'' Gemma replied, simply, ushering her mother out the door.

As she walked down the pathway towards her door, she turned around and said one last thing.

''Fine, I'l leave you alone, but don't ask for anything because you're not my daughter anymore.'' Gemma suddenly slammed the door shut and sighed.

''Are you okay Gem?'' I asked her putting my hand on her shoulder.

''I'm fine Robbie, she's nothing to cry about, she's a Typical Thorton, stubborn and evil.''


Days later, after everything died down I spent some time with Stella. One day I came up into her loft room to find her painting away!

''Wow Stella, that paintings coming along great!'' I congratulated her. She swung around and grinned at me as she put down her paint brush and pallet.

''Woah, thank you dad! I'm glad you like it, I called it, 'Paradise'! Just like our life's!'' Stella cheered out, staring up at me with a face full of gold.

''You're amazing, you know that Stella?''

''How, dad?'' She just asked.

''You just are, in your own unique way, and that's why we all love you!''

''Aw, thank you daddy! I love you all too, but mostly you daddy!'' She answered back, pulling me down for a hug.

I was so lucky to have my four perfect princesses, my handsome prince an my wonderful queen all safe and sound.


*Author's note - Adding theses final images in so they won't clog up the next chapter...

Five years almost flew by and every began to get older and older, even my parents! In their old age, they still had a great love for each other and retired to do some charity work. All the girls seemed to grow the fastest, adopting all different skills and personalities.


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  1. WOW! I hate Gemma's mom! I'm gonna get a pitchfork and go kung fu panda on her! and the kids are so freaking cute DX awesome chapter kurtis! the kids are growing up so fast :'(

    1. Yeah, together we can kill of Tracey Thorton! :3 Thank you Annika, I'm glad you liked it!

      They do don't they ;_;

  2. WOW, Gemma's mother is unbearable and I loved the final photo to see Gemma and Robin elderly.

    1. I know right, O_O & By the way, that's not Robin and Gemma, it's Robin's parents, Cassidy and Harrison. Just pointing that out for no confusion!

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    1. Thank you very much new reader, (:

  4. well done on a great chapter Kurtis! :)
    Hate that woman...she should stop hating her own grandchildren, who look A LOT better than her! -_-
    Great post :)

    1. Thank you, Natalie!
      Ugh I know right, she has the damn nerve! She's such a witch ;_;

      Thank you!

  5. "Jesus Christ, Those are the ugliest children ever!"

    That was hilarious xD

  6. Ahhh! Awesome chapter! Going to read the next one! It's so sad seeing Harrison as an elder! :O

    1. Thank you, Calista! :D & I know right! ;____; I just remember the day himself and Cassidy met! ;-; Thanks!


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