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Generation 7, Chapter 24 : SIX Children!?

Five years seemed to fly by ever since Gemma's mum made her disgusting appearance in our lives. As the years went on I noticed everyone seemed to age so much aster even my own parents who slyly ended up in their old age. Although they are older now they still look young... slightly.

Talking about age, I celebrated my 40th birthday about a week ago and honestly I was starting to feel slightly old. Ceallach also turned sixteen a few weeks ago and decided to wait to go to University until Stella graduated from high school fully. Although he has officially finished school he went back to take two more years of school.

Throughout these years the kids also excelled in school and became even better at their natural talents. Because of their hard work Gemma and I finally caved in to the twins demands for a playroom. After three months of construction and renovation we were finally able to convert the big room next to the gym into a lovely little playroom for all the kids to play in!

Ceallah became more and more interested in Science and Medicine and has even decided to study that in University! He is constantly doing experiment after experiment in the basement room and sadly, almost failing each one... with a bang!

Stella seriously became more and more like me every time I saw her paintings! However, she is honestly much more arty than me, even dressing in a very unique way and devoting nearly everything into her paintings are sketches.

Raegan actually was the only child of ours to take on a really different skill, writing. She constantly wrote diary entries and little short stories on a blog of her own.

Cade too a liking to Logic just like her older brother, she even joined Chess club and enjoyed playing, but most importantly beating people at Chess!

Then there was our little Rose, we noticed her hair grew at a very slower rate than any other of the children; she only had a few strands of red hair.

Although she had the littlest of hair, she did learn pretty fast! After just a few weeks of letting her roam around in her walker, one day she just got out and casually strolled around the house like it was easy!

Gemma also became much more happier throughout these five years, I think it was mostly because of the fear of loosing Rose at birth was completely gone and she was now able to cherish the five children we had together.

Suddenly I heard Gemma's belly churn around my hands and she leaped away from me and gagged.

''A-Are you alright, Gemma?'' I asked, worryingly.

''I-I'm..'' She gagged once more and looked up at me. ''..I'm fine, it must of been that off banana I had this morning...''

''Oh... okay...''

It wasn't long before the twins noticed us and quickly ran over to tell us some news.

''Mum, guess what!?'' Raegan said, running over to Gemma. Gemma pulled her in for a hug before telling her her news.

''What honey!?''

''I got my 250th follower on my blog, sin't that great mum!'' She said, smiling away.

''Woah honey, that's amazing! I'm so proud of you and your sister!'' Gemma replied to her, hugging her.

It wasn't long before Raegan came over and jumped into my arms, I lifted her up on my shoulder and tickled her as she laughed.

''Hey dad, guess what!?; I got accepted into Logic Academy!'' Cade told me the exciting news.

''Oh, Principal Washington emailed you too, I was just about to come down and tell you that! Congratulations kiddo!'' I said to her, smiling at her.

''Forgot about me already?'' Stella muttered under her breath, sighing also. Stella seemed to have all the negative affects of Puberty as she turned fourteen. She constantly was pessimistic and also saw the negative in people, luckily Gemma was always the one to cheer her up the most.

''Of course we haven't Stell Bell, how can we forget about our first little girl!'' Gemma said, hugging her.

''You mean it!?'' She said her, enthusiastically.

''Of course honey!'' She replied, Stella quickly hugged her and continued to text her friend with a smile on hr face.

That same day, as the hours passed I sat down with Rose and simply played with her. We played Peek - A - Boo, Patta Cake and even made scarey faces at each other!

''RAAAAWR! Can you say that Rosey Pose?'' I asked her, making the face to go along with the words.

''RWAAAR!' She replied, after covering her face and laughing hard. I tickled her and she went off to play with Ceallach.

''Oh god, the bananas back!'' Gemma stuttered out once more, gagging again.

''Ugh mum, not again!'' Ceallach said to his mum, gagging at her gagging.

''Well it's not my fault I have morning sickness once more!'' She said, before turning slightly and looking at me awkwardly.

''M-Morning sickness?'' I asked her.

''Yeah.... The -B-Banana... I had in the... M-Morning...'' She stuttered out, as if she was lying or something.

Before I could say anything else she ran out of the room and bolted up the stairs. ''I'll be up in a minute Gem!''

''Ceallach, do me favor and put Rose to sleep ,thanks boy.'' I asked and said, before bolting upstairs behind Gemma. ''Sure thing, dad.'' He said, slightly sighing.

I came into our room and quickly dressed into my pajamas and not long after that, I heard the toilet flush and Gemma slwoly walked out and rested on the wooden frame.

''Okay what's wrong Gem, are you sick? I can drive you to A & E right now, it's not problem!''

''It's positive.'' Was all she replied.

''What's positive...?'' I asked her. She slowly then walked over to the bed and sat down, resting her head in her hands.

''This.'' She said, handing the pregnancy test to me in a hast. I looked at it slowly as she stood up and there it Showed the two lines, which meant positive.

''You're pregnant.'' I gawped out, staring at the pregnancy test like I never saw one before.

''Yes Robin, we're pregnant again... a fifth time...'' She said, sighing at the test once more. I continued to look at her as if it was our first baby when it indeed wasn't.... it was our sixth!

''S-Six babies? We're having a sixth child...?'' I asked her once more, just to be sure.

''Damn right we are...'' She stared at me while I was still in a daze. ''Robbie, snap our of it!'' She said, sharply slapping me cheek.

''Thanks for that...'' I said, dropping the test in the process. I picked it up and looked at Gemma once more. The only thing I thought to do was hug her.

''You know what, it's good in a way that we're having another baby. I mean, we already have five, who's to say we can't raise a sixth one! I know it will be hard, but we'll get through it.... as a family.'' I said, hugging her tighter.

''Robbie, I know we can bring up another child but that's not what I'm worried about...''

''Well then what...?'' I asked her.

''What if have a FIFTH girl!?'' She said, worryingly.

''Then you'll simply have to pray for Ceallach and I.'' I replied back to her, also grinning at her.

Six children, here we come.


And you thought they would have only five children.... :3

Anyway, thank you so much for reading Chapter 24 of The Cronwell Legacy. I actually had to write this twice which was a real pain, -.-

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  1. OMG! I cannot wait for the sixth child! They are going to have their hands full!

  2. I know I've said this like, a billion times, but ROSE IS SO FREAKING CUTE. I just cannot get over how adorable she is!!!!

    I don't know what made me think of this, but I've always really loved Robin ^_^ He's just so handsome and sweet <3



    1. Say it how much times you like! She is, Haha!! :D Thank you, she got it from her parents I guess :3

      I'm glad you do, after all, He is the heir!! Thanks! :D

      Uh huh, I hope he/she is cute like Rose! Hehe!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Whoop! Can't wait to see the baby's face when it's a toddler! I wanna see if it gets Robins or Gemma's :) awesome chapter kurtis! whooooooo!

    1. Yay, I hope you like him! He may, or his grandparents eyes!! Thanks for commenting!

  4. WOW ... Every time I hit more this family every time I go to The Cromwell Legacy. Is it because this blog has a spark of drama and family mystery, which I like more and more. Keep it Kurtis.

    1. I know right, Haha! Thank you though! ;D

  5. Yeah.......... Right..... we only thought they would have and raise six children... mmhmmm.
    Anyway, awesome chapter, Kurtis! Rose is so cute! Goody boy Ceallach. Putting your sister to bed.*APPLAUDS* Can't wait for more!


    1. Haha.... ;) Thank you Josh! I'm glad you liked it! I know, he's a pretty damn amazing brother! :D Thanks!


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