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Generation 7, Chapter 25 : No words can describe the feeling of your own child dying.

As Ceallach's graduation was coming up really fast all he spent his time on was either Revision, intervention classes or Study 'dates' with his friend, Tyra. He constantly told me the she wasn't his girlfriend but Gemma was almost sure it was his girlfriend! What was good about Ceallach was that he always balacned out his school life, social life and family life to work out perfectly.

Stella, similarly, put a lot of effort into her studies for graduation and final exams but was slightly more layed back with school than everyone else.

Stella also took extra curriculum classes outside of school to build up a scholarship for Similus Academy.

After finding out Gemma was pregnant for a sixth time, surprisingly things went really well. Gemma took even more time off of work and didn't really mind being pregnant again, even being forty. She also had less morning sickness but progressed very fast through the pregnancy. While the children were at school and I done some quality work in the Study Gemma would take Rose to play groups and study more pregnancy books to kill the time throughout the days.

Rose eventually began to put a lot of stress on Gemma while she was pregnant; she wouldn't stop crying when Gemma put her down, she constantly demanded for food, toys and her potty and she got bored very easily, so Gemma constantly had to entertain her. However this didn't even make Gemma stressed, instead she learned to deal with Rose without giving her everything she wanted.

It wasn't long before Gemma close up to four months and we both decided to find out the gender of our child: a boy! Luckily we weren't having multiples or another girl! The best part of that was wen we finally told Ceallach that he'd finally have a little brother! He was elated!

''Hey there, Rosey pose! Is someone ready to be taught how to walk!?'' I heard Gemma from Rose's room while I walked through the hallway. I peeked in through the door slightly to see Gemma tickling Rose and Rose laughing her little red-head off!

''Dwadda!'' Rose shouted out, noticing my head poking through the door.

Crap!'' I said, hitting my knee on the stair gate.

''Oh look Rose!'' Gemma said, looking over and grinning at me. ''...There's your dadda, being clumsy as ever!'' Gemma pointed out, laughing along with Rose.

''Very funny, Gemma.'' I replied to them, giving them a firm look.

Later on after I left Gemma, who then decided to try and teach Rose some more English words.

''Hey Rose Pose... can you say, Brother?'' Gemma asked her.


''Good girl! Can you say - er - Sister?''




''Granddad and Dad?''

''Granddad; Dad!'' She replied.

''God Rose, you're already so good at this!'' Gemma congratulated Rose, clapping and smiling at her.

''Yay! I'm smart like you, mummy!'' Rose replied, with so much enthusiasm.

''Okay one last word, can you say Daddy?'' She asked the final question.

''Dwaddy!'' She shouted out, grinning also.

''Close enough Rose, close enough!'' Gemma replied, smiling at Rose before turning around and smiling at me.

''That's one crazy daughter we have right there!'' I said, walking back into the room with some new nappies for the changing station.

''One crazy daughter, more like four crazy daughters!'' Gemma pointed out, hearing Cade and Raegan run across the landing and into Ceallach's room.

''You see this is why it's perfect that we're having another boy, because I' pretty sure five girls would of eventually killed poor Cel!'' I replied, grinning at Rose who was making silly faces at her mum.


Gemma was full on Eight and a half months and the doctor told us that she was perfectly able to give birth any day now. One thing they also told us to do was to be careful when moving around the house on engaging in certain activities as there would be a low risk on inducing labor.

Gemma was most comfortable sitting on the short grass in the garden on a Summer Day.

''Oh look who's out here Rose, Mummy!'' I said to Rose, before she spotted her mum and waved frantically at her.

''You alright down there, Gemma?'' I asked her.

''Oh yeah I'm good, it's just...'' She said, dramatically.

''It's just...?'' She sighed heavily and looked at me with a distressed face. ''...I need a wee and I can't even lift myself up from this spot.'' She replied back to me, grinning.

''Oh dear god Gemma you scared me, I though something serious was wrong with you!'' I said, giving her another firm look as she laughed away with Rose in my arms.

''That's the funniest part Robin! Making you worry about me just goes to show how much of a great husband!''

''Hmm, nice save there.'' I said, helping her up.

''...And how's my little man holding up in there?'' I asked Gemma's bump, feeling it slowly as he kicked.

''He's good, all he's been doing today is kicking away!'' Gemma pointed out, sighing.

''Looks like he wants to get out then!'' I replied, feeling him let out one mighty kick!

''Damn right he does! I think he's going to come soon actually, since the doctor did say he can come any day now.''

Gemma and I learnt from this sixth baby that from now we really needed to use contraception properly; Since this was our sixth and final baby we decided to get some professional photos taken.


''Mum, you know I really can't believe you and dad are actually having a sixth baby! I mean seriously, isn't five enough for you?'' Stella asked.

''Well you know Stell Bell.... - er - ask your dad, he can defiantly answer this question! Can't you...Robin?'' Gemma slightly turned the awkward question to me.

''Erm... - Sure. You see five children just weren't enough for us Stella, and since we are able to raise another  child we thought, why not!'' I told Stella, she turned around and grinned at me then looked back at her mother.

''Yeah...sure...'' She replied, grinning at both of us.

The only bad thing was that there was no more space in the house for another nursery so instead we all decided that the baby boy would sleep in a crib in our room until he was three then he would take Ceallach's room ,because by then him and Stella would of already gone to University.

A few weeks or so later Gemma was now overdue by a week and if she didn't go into labor within the next week, they would give her a C - Section or induce labor.

That very same day, Ceallach surprisingly asked me to pump some iron with him and I actually thought it would of been a good idea, since I hadn't used the gym for about two years before that day.

''Well well well, look who finally dusted off the gym and actually used it! Hallelujah! '' Gemma said, sarcastically, as she waddled in with her massive baby bump.

''Oh shush Gemma, Ceallach asked his old dad for some training!'' I replied to her, stuttering slightly while I pushed the bars together.

''Yeah... Sure! I'll just sit here with the little man inside of me and watch you two pump iron!'' She replied, putting her hand against the wall because she couldn't stand up for so long.

''I bet you couldn't do this, Gemma!'' I said to her, not intending for her to actually try it.

''Oh yeah, watch me!'' She replied, in a sort of determined tone. She quickly waddled over to Ceallach and I and gently sat down on the bench.

''S-See... I-I told you I can D-Do this...!'' She suttered out, obviously seeing that she was in pain.

''Okay Gemma, stop! Remember what the doctor said, 'no physical activities or you could induce labor'!

''R-Robin... I think that's a little too late....'' She said, as I looked down to see liquid dribble down her legs. Soon after a puddle formed around her feet; her water broke.

''Oh my god, Gemma! I knew this would happen!'' I stated.

''Well next time don't contradict a overdue pregnant women and this won't H-happen...!'' She replied back, clutching her large belly in pain. It seemed Ceallach just noticed that his mum went into labor and he froze solid in his tracks.

''Stella, Ceallach, look after your little sisters for me, your mum's gone into late labor and I need to take her to the hospital; Call grandma and granddad and tel them to meet us at the hospital and if you need any help call Uncle Kieran... Okay?''

''O-Okay...'' They both said, still frozen, in sync.

When we got into the hospital Gemma's legs were still wet and she was rushed to the Maternity Ward as soon as we stepped through the door.

''Does it hurt as much, you know, after the morphine they gave you?'' I asked Gemma, after she plumped herself back on the hospital bed, in her white hospital gown.

''Actually, only slightly, not that much. It probably doesn't hurt too much because I've pushed out five other babies...'' She replied back, rubbing her eyes as she tired, as a result of the morphine. Suddenly she clutched her belly again in pain and she scrunched her face.

''Doctor, Doctor! Come her quick!'' I called out quickly.

''Wow, this baby is really ready to come now!'' The doctor said, lifting up the covers to examine her Vagina. ''Okay Gemma you're doing perfect, you're now 9 cm dilated and I think you're ready to push this baby out!''

''W-Well it's about time, I want this thing out of me!'' She screamed out in pain and I rushed to her side.

''You can do this Gem, you can push out a sixth child, don't you worry, it's going to be a breeze for you! C'mon Gem, you can do this.....!''


Two weeks later after long health checks and maternity check ups, we finally took our baby boy home. He was born happy and healthy and cried as soon as Gemma gave birth to him. I remember sighing a relief when Gemma finally gave birth and she looked up at me and rolled her eyes and muttered ''This better be the last one!'' I couldn't help but laugh not long after I held our second son for the first time.

We decided to name him Jonah Jay Cronwell. All the children, mostly Ceallach and Rose were so elated to finally have a little brother.

Once again, we got a professional family photo done once again which completed our photo wall in the living room  We all looked and smiled at the end product. Sixteen years after marriage, we've had six children, six children!

Jonah then was now a few more weeks older and made slight giggles and burps when we held him.

Gemma has a special attachment to Jonah, similarly to Rose as he was her little man, as she called him! Honestly, I did think Jonah was more attached to his mum at a young age and although he was, I was the one to normally get him asleep much faster than Gemma, which made me happier.

--Gemma's point of view--

It was actually pretty easy to set Jonah down for his afternoon nap, all he needed was a minuet or two in mine or Robin's hands before he fell fast asleep with his little panda teddy.

''Goodnight Little Man, see you in a few hours...'' I said, as I also went for a little afternoon nap.


Two or three hours later, I didn't know the exact time, I woke up and surprisingly, Jonah was hush silent... which made me worry awfully. As soon as I woke up Jonah would normally make a little whistling sound as he knew I was awake and wanted my attention but today he never.

I got up quickly out of the bed and I went over to Jonah crib.. and he was lying there... still as ever. I gasped really loud and slowly knelt down, put two fingers on his little chest and didn't feel in thing.

''No no no no no no...'' I said, getting on my eyes and poking my head in the crib. ''Wake up Jonah baby... wake up for mummy!'' I cried out, but he didn't respond. I shook him slightly but still, he never responded.

''ROBIN! R-ROBIN!'' I called out for my husband, hearing him run up the stairs as I froze in my tracks and curled into a ball shape beside my dead son's crib.

''WHAT GEM!? WHAT!?'' Robin shouted out, bursting through the door.

''R-Robin... He's... H-He's... H-H-He's....'' I stuttered out slowly, wiping the heap of tears into my mascara and my dress.

''He's what Gem...?'' Robin replied, looking worryingly at Jonah as he paced over to him.

''Gemma, why isn't he moving... Why isn't our baby moving?'' He continued to ask me, shaking him gently like I did.

I got up slowly and rested my head on Robin's shoulder as he began crying.

''R-Robin... H-He's dead... our baby's D-Dead...''


; _ ; You really don't know how hard it was to write this chapter, so much emotions! :'(

Anyway, thank you for still reading such a sad chapter, Chapter 25 of The Cronwell Legacy. I though this would be a good time to just let you know that this Generation will be ending in five or so Chapters...

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  1. love it and i am sad for robin and gemma that they had to lose Jonah. I hope the have a nice funeral for him if he is gone

    1. Thank you :) And I know, Me too ; _ ; They do! They wanted a perfect send off for their little boy.

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  2. You took him away D'X you took him away from his gorgeous looking mother and father! Great chapter Kurtis! Though I wanna curl up into a ball and cry, I won't. I wanna see the next one!

    1. I'm sorry Annika, I'm sorry ; ___; Thank you, still! I hope you like the next one!

  3. That chapter so sad, I almost burst into mourn to see new baby is like death, shame: (. Kurtis But still great chapter.

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    1. I'M SORRY ;___; Thanks for commenting though!

  6. This is real funny but my name is Gemma with a G. But anyway this is really good.


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