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Generation 7, Chapter 28 : The end.

2 Years Later...

Things really changed throughout the past two years. Within the first months, things still didn't get better. Gemma continued to blame herself for Jonah's death and consequently, I had no choice but to get counselling for her. Our counselor suggested a change of scenery, which could possible clear up Gemma's head. After much consideration and multiple whole family meeting, we all decided as Cronwell's to move back to Sunset Valley, where our family all began. 

Once we got there, I instantly saw a change. It seemed the whole city had 'metropilised' in the past one hundred years. I was told that my ancestors once lived in the much outdated version of Sunset Valley and that it had really changed since they died. As soon as we arrived and settled in our new houses properly, everyone seemed to just live life much better everyone was happy and most importantly, Gemma seemed to like it as I change from St. Claire. We even got Jonah's and my grandmother's gravestone moved to this town so we could still go and visit them.

Also, it wasn't long before our three youngest children aged quite quickly and settled into their new school. Rose made lots of friends in Sunset Valley Primary School so quickly and she was praised for her talent in dancing!

Raegan aged into a beautiful young lady, particularly taking interest in Business and is aspiring to become a business woman. Cade on the other hand is quite smart, but just a tiny bit more rebellious and layed back, like she was earlier in life. She's very similar to her oldest sister and myself because she's very arty and is quite the Avant grande!

Ceallach was now pushing on Nineteen and still continued to wait for his sister to graduate with him so they could go to Univerisity together. I noticed as Ceallach slowly shaped into a young adult he seemed to look more and more like me rather than when he was little, he looked like his mum.

Gemma slowly got better once we moved to Sunset Valley. She was still slightly edgy but you could clearly
see improvement from when our son died...

One night Gemma woke up crying and I woke up from that and when I did she stroked my face and said ''thank you, for keeping strong, when I wasn't....''.

Eventually we both decided to try new career paths; I became a police man, of some sort and Gemma took on the role as a Scientist in training.

Then there's Stella. With her being seventeen years old, just about to move to University and become the heiress to The Cronwell Legacy was a lot for her to take in, but it didn't take her long to get used to being the heiress... quicker than I imagined actually....

Stella's point of view...

''Freaking hell!'' I screamed, stubbing my toe really hard on the boxes in my room. Moving to university seemed harder than I actually thought... and painful I see, too.

''That's just my lucky, a freaking mashed toe right before I leave, great, just great.'' It began to throb even more.

''CEAAAALLACH! I need you big bro!'' I called out down the stairs, still holding my toe and loosing my
balance at the same time. '' Oh shit.''

''What Stella!? I'm trying to pack!'' He said, running up the stairs and into my room.

''Get me some ice will you, I've stubbed my toe!'' I said, being slightly dramatic.

''Oh yeah, sure. It's not that they're five other people in this house....'' He replied, sarcastically.

''Nope, not at all! But thank you though!'' I said back to him, grinning at him as he strolled back downstairs, to the kitchen.

''Here's a bag of peas because dad hurt his back and he's using the Ice Pack.'' Ceallach said to me, passing a very cold bag of peas to me.

''Oh dad, such an old geezer these days! But anyway, thank you.'' I placed the bag on my foot and the pain slowly numbed.

''You're welcome, and now if you excuse me I'll be in my room, trying to pack.''

''Wait Ceallach, I need one more favour!'' I asked him.

''Oh for god sake, what now!?'' He said, exhausted.

''Can you help me pack? I-It's just that, There's so much nick nacks to finish, and I have one more project on my laptop to finish and then I need to eat and get my clothes in one suitcase and pack up all my photos and-.'' He cut me off suddenly...

''Oh fine, I'll hep you, but you know you're just like dad, so unorganized... You should be more like mum and I!'' He explained to me. ''You should be more like mum and I!'' I imitated him in a childish tone and he gave me the dirtiest look ever, which made me laugh!

An hour passed and literally nothing still wasn't packed yet! It wasn't long before my dad found us casually sitting on the floor, myself on my laptop and Ceallach on his phone.

''Guys! For god sake you're leaving tomorrow! They'll be no time to pack tomorrow because of your graduation!'' My dad said, rubbing his head in frustration.

''I have one more Art Paper to hand in right before graduation, I need to finish it!'' I said, typing away.

''Okay, and what about you, Ceallach?'' My dad asked him.

''Well Stella asked me to help her but she's too busy on hr laptop so I'm just waiting for her... on my phone.''

''Exscuses I see. All I'm saying guys is that you really need to finish packing!'' My dad said to Ceallach.

I looked back up at him quickly and grinned, don't worry dad, we will!''

''Okay, I'll see you two tomorrow morning, be up early to collect your graduation robes!'' He instructed us.

''We will!'' We both said, in sync.


Next morning our house was in complete chaos. Ceallach and I was non stop up and down the stairs, loading our furniture and clothes into the moving van and Mum, dad, Cade, Raegan and Rose were rushing all around the house, getting their best suites and dresses ironed and put on for our graduation.

''Can you believer we're actually graduating!?'' Ceallach said with so much enthusiasm.

''Yeah, we actually are...!'' I said, in shock. To be honest I still couldn't get my head around the fact that I had left secondary school and that I would be on my way to University in a matter of hours...

Graduation was no doubt about it extremely emotional.

Ceallach was first to accept his diploma, as he was in an older year than me. He said his speech then came off stage to accept his scholarship and say goodbye to his classmates. I was sat in front and I looked back at my parents to see their faces full of tears.

Then it was my turn. Saying my speech wasn't hard, accepting my diploma and scholarship was hard but then it came down to saying goodbye to my friends.... Because Ceallach and I were granted scholarships we were accepted into a higher graded University whereas none of my friends did not.

''I can't believe we're graduates!'' I said, throwing my diploma high in the air.

''I know right, we done, we actually graduated!'' Ceallach replied, throwing his diploma in the air soon after I did. Surprisingly we both caught our diploma's at the same time and we both couldn't stop grinning.

''We're both so proud of you two, you know! Our own children, graduating with additional scholarships!'' My mum cheered out, as we took a photo of us four together.

Later that night, Ceallach and I went to the beach together. We sat on the cool sand, eating our hot dogs when suddenly it began to rain....

''Should we go now since it's raining?'' He asked.

''Nah, it's only rain!'' As it was raining I took the liberty to push Ceallach into the water and he fell flat on his bottom.

''For god sake, Stella! You're so lucky that you're my sister otherwise I would get you back!'' He shouted out, drenched from head to toe.

''Aw I'm sorry Celly, I was just playing!'' I said, wrapping my arm around his shoulders.

''Now, don't you think we should be heading off, we still have packing to do?'' I said, sighing.

''Yeah, if we don't do it soon we'll never get it done!'' He replied.

''True...'' I began walking before him but then turned around and grinned at him ''... Last one to the house has to help the other pack!'' I then said, getting a slight head start.

''Damn you, Stella!'' He replied, running after me in his drenched robe.

We both ended up staying up all night long packing for University and in the morning it didn't help that we then had to feel out our Scholarship forms.

An hour later, we were packed, suited up and ready for University. My parents came in and suddenly bursted into tears.

''Aw guys, don't cry! We'll be back in Six Months for the holidays!'' I said, pulling my dad in for a tight and and the same for Ceallach and our mum.

''I-I know but we're so sad to see you go!'' My mum said, sobbing much harder in Ceallach's arms.

''Okay, we have to leave now, but we'll be back in six months! Don't worry mum and dad, We'll be fine!'' We both said our goodbyes to everyone and picked up our main bags.

Ceallach started up the moving truck and we got out one last time to wave to our family again. For some odd reason Ceallach and I couldn't stop laughing, most probably because in our heads we were secretly planning what crazy things we are going to get up to in University.

Robin's point of view...

Stella looked up happy and enthusiastic when she was about to leave for University. She had always been an independent person ever since she was just a toddler so there was no doubt she'd have trouble settling in.

My little girl finally became so independent, so strong and so enthusiastic.


Hours passed and I was already missing my two biggest children. I somehow ended up in Ceallach's cold, silent, empty room and turned around to see those letters we put on his wall the day he was born.

I cried slightly and sighed, looking at the final pieces of furniture he left behind.

''They grow up so fast...'' I said to myself.


Generation 7 is officially finished! ; ___ ; We've seen Robin go through years of betrayal, the loss of his twin brother for many years, six children, heartaches, a hell of a roller coaster marriage, death, bereavement and the sad loss of his own child. Twenty - eight chapters later Robin has a somewhat good life and he honestly thanks you for sticking around with him through it.

But he needs you and I need you too, to support his daughter through another Generation of The Cronwell Legacy! Again thank you so much for reading and sticking to my legacy for this Generation, and I hope you're able to stick with me for another!

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    On the other hand your son is one hot piece of ass............
    Anyway, so happy generation 8 is almost on the way and I can't wait to see all the drama coming our way. Congrats on finishing gen 7 <3
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    1. Awwh, Robin doesn't want to go either.... ; __ ; & Hehehe :3 I'm glad you like him!

      Generation 8 is going to be a very rocky right... with so much Drama! :3 Thank you for reading and commenting, (:

  2. They grow up so fast DX but I can't wait for Generation 8 to begin! Cel is as handsome as his dad!

    1. They really do ; ___ ; Awh, I hope you love it! & Hehe he is! ;)

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