Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Generation 8 | Characters.

Just a little side note, I decided not to add anything about all the characters life's and personalities (except from Stella and Ceallach) because I'm taking on the challenge to try to incorporate their past events and personalities over the course of this Generarion rather then just telling you about them already... If you know what I mean.

Generation 8 Heiress | Stella Cronwell.

Stella is a very unique, ambitious young woman. She loves nothing more than living life to it's fullest which is most probably why she is so ambitious. As a young child Stella loves to paint, she painted everywhere... and on everything! Becoming the heiress of The Cronwell Legacy is quite a tough job, however Stella was quick and enthusiastic to become it, and has so far fit into the perfect line of mater heirs/heiress. She dreams to one day become a famous painter, hopefully own a Art Museum and have a perfect husband and children who follow in her artsy footsteps just like she did with her father... But the question is.... Will she have that life so soon...?

Generation 8 heiress' older brother | Ceallach Cronwell.

Ever since Ceallach was born, he took so much interest in Science. He was always at the top of his science class where he continued to get A*'s on his Science Project and stay in his room all night long discovering and mixing safe periodic table elements. Like his younger sister, Ceallach dreams big! He would love to become a surgeon and consequently live a perfect life with the woman of his dreams... all he needs to do is find her and maybe stop being so protective over his little Sister!

Main Character | Oswald Saunders.

Main Character | Andrew Thompson.

Main Character | Janet Mainer.

Main Character | Jubilee Anderson (Created by Kuba'ssimstories!)

Extra's | Claire Saunders.

Extra's | Mel Saunders.

They're also two more characters  Kevin and Carl Mason. However they are both minor characters and hardly talk so I figures they aren't as important to be introduced properly into the Generation.



  1. I love them! Their eyes...their gorgeous eyes O_O More good-looking sims to stare at.

  2. Wow with the new generation and beautiful characters. It shows that the new generation will much to be desired for a while. I have really wanted to start.The Cromwell Legacy Cheer!

    1. Thank you, Kevin! :) Awh, I'm really glad you're excited for Generation 8! Thank you, again!


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