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Generation 8, Chapter 5 : An A+ and a boyfriend? Sure!

Packing for University seemed a lot harder than when we were unpacking for University at the start of the term. Final exams were to start in just a few hours but luckily I done all my last minuet revision last night so I had the first few hours today out of class to pack up and leave University!

''Shit! I'm so clumsy!'' I yelled out, stumping the usual foot on the stack of boxes in front of me. Moving was never the best experience for me, physically!

''Stella when will you stop being so clumsy!?'' Janet sarcastically asked, winking at me once I turned around to give her a dirty look.

''When will you start revising?'' I said, turning a clever question back on her as I smirked.

''You're a clever girl Stella, you know that!''

''Yes, I do thank you very much!'' I replied, boasting slightly from her compliment.

I continued to lift box after box unto each other and sighed with relief when my hands were finally free of them. On the other hand, Janet continued to munch on every snack there was in our mini fridge!

The fact that she still had a trim and tones body confused me...

''Hey Janet, remember this is our room! You could help to pack up our stuff you know!'' I said firmly, stacking the last box onto the others. I dusted off my hands and gave Janet an abrupt look.

''Well I could... but you're finish now, so there's no point!; Maybe next time!'' She replied, putting one of her suitcases onto the stacked boxes.

''Next time!? You might be coming back to University, but not me...!'' I pointed out.

''Ooh someone's being sassy today!'' She pointed out to me, walking over to the fridge to most probably get more snacks.

''Ah that's reminds me, what actually happened between you and Andrew last week, I presume it went well?'' She asked me.

I couldn't help but let out a big sigh full of pleasure while I reminisced that day, when he kissed me. ''Stella... Earth to Stella?'' I heard Janet say faintly as I began to daydream about Andrew, again.

''God, I really need to stop daydreaming...'' I shacked my head to somehow come back into reality and brush my hair aside in pure embarrassed as Janet was standing in front of me, laughing her head off.

''...Well, it was really good actually... H-he even pulled me in for a kiss on the roof...'' I said, bragging slightly.

''Wow, he doesn't waste any time....'' She muttered


''Oh, nothing, so he kissed you!'' Janet replied, changing the subject very sneakily like I never heard what she muttered.

''Damn right he did... and it was a pretty good kiss at that!'' I replied, beginning to daydream once more.

Final exams were just hours away and after I finally finished packing up my dorm room, I had a short study session with Janet.

"So... What grades do you think Cel and Andrew will get?" She asked me, typing away on her keyboard. 

"Well knowing my brother he'll get an A+ in Science and Medicine, no doubt about it! Andrew however.. Well I don't know about him, he slacks a bit, like you!" I pointed out, chuckling slightly as Janet gave me a dirty look. 

"Hey, I do not slack! I procrastinate!'' She pointed out, leaning out of the desk to wink at me. I laughed a bit and continued to type up some notes.

''...Talking about my brother, I wonder where he is...''

--Ceallach's point of view--

Ever since I stupidly decided to kiss Andrew, he hasn't said a word to me. Everyday when he came back from football practice in his sweaty, see through top, he said nothing to me and instead headed straight to our bathroom. 

Most mornings I'd look at him, and he'd look back too... But say not a word.

In the study room I began to type up some last minuet notes for final exams when Andrew walked in and sat opposite me.

"Hi..." I built up the courage to say, however I didn't lean forward to look at him.

"Oh, hi..." He said, leaning over and looking at me.

"Listen, Ceallach, about that kiss weeks ago.. I-." I suddenly cut him off , knowing exactly what he was going to say.

"Save it, Andrew." I said, sighing as I got up and picked up my sheet to leave the room.

I went into the car park and leaned against the cold, brick wall. I dragged the soles of my shoes against the scorching hot ground, honestly feeling lonely. Glance to glance, I looked at the sun and then down at my feet, not long before hearing Andrews footsteps approach.

"What do you want Andrew?" I asked bitterly.

"I want to explain, Ceallach." He replied, putting his hand on my shoulder. My eyesight hit his hairy, bulky hands, then to his attractive face and he then took it off.

"You have nothing to explain to me..." I said, looking down to my feet.

"Yes I do..."

"...Listen mate." He took a deep breath and looked at me once more.

"...I'm sorry if I led you on because I honestly never meant to, you're a good friend... And that's all." He replied.

"I bet you and my sister aren't good fucking friends..." I said, with a hint of jealousy within my words.

"Okay, you know what, I'm trying to make amendments and it isn't helping when you're getting jealous!" He replied

"How am I not supposed to be jealous! You're dating my bloody sister!" I replied, exploding in anger.

"Ceallach -." I cut him off.

"Just forgot it.; I get it, you don't like me, you like my sister... End of." I said, finishing off the conversation bluntly as I walked off.

--Stella's point of view--

Final exams finally arrived and I honestly wasn't at all nervous! I had everything pressed into my head and with my good memory, I was sure to pass with flying colours! 

I got out of final exams and didn't open the results envelope until I got up to The Point.

"Stop worrying Stella, you've done amazing!" I muttered to myself, now nervously opening the envelope.

"A+... A+!" I chanted out, screaming in pure excitement.

"I did it, I actually passed University!"

Hours after I met up with everyone else to exchange our 'End Of Academic Year Result' cards and so goodbye to University at The Point.

Surprisingly, Janet got an A in Fine Arts and passed by just three marks! Ceallach obviously got an A+ in Science and Medicine and was well on his way to getting his PhD. Andrew got a B in Physical Education, although it wasn't the best grade it was another for him to become an Athlete or even a Sports Trainer/Teacher.

''Hey Stella, can I ask you something?'' Andrew asked, moving closer to me.

''Sure, go ahead...''

''Fancy going out with me?'' He asked, in quite a lazy way. Although I never liked how he asked me, I had an obvious answer in my head.

''Yes!'' I said with a whole load of excitement running through me; He then pulled me in for a passionate kiss and to my left and right I heard Janet and Ceallach gagging slightly at the sight of us making out. I chuckled slightly after seeing Janet tilt back to mutter something to Ceallach.

''She's totally going to regret saying yes...'' She muttered. If it wasn't for Andrew initiating another make out session I would of said something back to her.

In fact, I would of questioned her as to why she thinks that...

... Because I don't.


Thanks for reading Chapter 5 of Generation 8 of The Cronwell Legacy,especially with the two weeks delay! 

I really hoped you enjoyed it and again, sorry for them massive delay... I'm really lazy as you can see!

Thanks, :)


  1. Whoop! She got an A+!! Poor Cel /: still jealous of his sister dating his crush. But he'll be happy soon ^__^ hehe

    1. Yep! :D Yeah I know.... :/ But yes, he will be very soon!

  2. Jealousy of Ceallach are killing him :) I'm happy for that A+. Great chapter, Kurtis

    1. I know it is! :3 & Awwh thank you!

  3. I just started reading and I'm already liking it well done on a great chapter

  4. I love it and can't wait for more to come soon


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