Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Generation 8, Chapter 8 : ''I killed him.''

I somehow managed to stumble back into our apartment with a face full of tears.

 I wiped every single smudge of mascara from my cheeks but I suddenly broke down again, leaving my face full of mascara once again.

I heard Ceallach coming out of his bedroom and my first instinct was to run to mine so he never say me like this.

So I did.

''I k-killed him ... I k-killed him ...'' I kept on whispering to myself; Slapping my cold, lifeless back against the bed frame.

''Ugh Stella ... are you okay?'' Ceallach asked, knocking on my open bedroom door.

''It wasn't my fault ... He hurt me first ...'' I cooed out.

''Who hurt you Stella, it better have not been that fucking excuse of a boyfriend!?'' Ceallach shouted out, with a face full of anger.

I couldn't keep it in anymore, I couldn't hide that fact that I was a murderer ...

I suddenly jumped up and stumbled towards Ceallach, he opened them as I fled into his comforting arms.

''I killed him Ceallach, I killed Andrew!'' I blurted out, burying my eyes into his shirt.

''Please do not tell me you mean that literally Stella ....?''

''I do ... We were arguing, much more than usual and then h- he... h -he ...'' I broke down once more in his arms.

''Go on Stella, it's okay ... Your big brother's here for you.''

''He pulled out a knife and slashed my cheek, right here ...'' I said, pulling my arm up to feel and show my throbbing cheek to Ceallach. ''Then I grabbed his arm which had the knife and stuck it into his chest .. and h-he dropped dead right -I-In front of M-Me...'' I replied.

I honestly thought he was going to drive me straight down to the Police Station but instead he sighed and grabbed hold of my arms, crouched down and started talking to me.

''D-Did you hide the body ...?'' He asked me.

''Yes, deep in the brushes on the beach.''

''Did anybody see you?'' He asked as well.

''... No ...'' I said, aimlessly lying.

''Okay ... Well that's good, tomorrow, early in the morning make sure that Andrew's body was hidden perfectly, burn the clothes you're wearing right now and never speak of this again. No one murdered no one.'' Ceallach blurted out, I looked at him in complete shock at what he said and instead of replying, I simply nodded.

He walked out, completely stiff and once he left and slammed the door shut and bursted into tears once again.

My body somehow then drifted towards the bathroom and I found myself in front of the mirror ... With a pair of scissors ...

''I killed him. I killed him. I killed him.'' I repeatedly said to myself, in sync with every snip I took to my hair.

''I-I killed him ...'' I said one more time, dropping the scissors. I looked at my self deeply in the mirror, and all I honestly was a muderer.

''I killed him.''



The feels ; __ ;

Thank you for reading a ... Sad, short chapter of The Cronwell Legacy. I really hoped you liked it and if you did, please leave a comment if you can! 

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  1. You put slut instead of shut. When he slammed the door after talking to her.

    1. "He walked out, completley stiff and once he left and slammed the door slut and bursted into tears once again." -Gmile1223

    2. Thank you for the correction.

  2. Too bad Stella is feeling. Looks like his life were crumbling.
    Finally I liked this chapter.

  3. That was a very good chapter short and sad you should give my story a read it isn't a Legacy but it is pretty good

    1. Thank you! :) & I did have a look at it, it's good! :)


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