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Generation 8, Chapter 12 : Love.

Just as my life got somewhat better, it got ten times worst ...

After my encounter with Janet and her brothers six months ago, she didn't give up on finding me. Se broke into my house about four more times and wouldn't stop threatening me threw calling me and even texting me at least twenty times a day.

Day after day, I became even more paranoid at the fact that her and her brother's may be coming after me or even on their way to the Police Station ... So I moved.

I literally moved all the way across town, into these new ordinary apartments which overlooked the ocean. I changed my phone number, house number and only gave out my address to valid people and places.

Just a few days later, after properly moving into my apartment ... The threatening started all over again. Janet somehow managed to get a hold of my new number and continued to send texts to me, threatening to go to the police unless I do her brother's business.

There was honestly no way I was going to be her brother's little prostitute, even if I had to go to prison for it but at the same time I was sick of Janet's consistent threats.

''Why won't she just leave me alone ... '' I constantly said to myself, after every buzz from my phone occurred from her messages.

As I lied down and continued to look at Janet's messaged appear, one message appeared that wasn't from her.

''Hey Stella, fancy having some lunch together?'' Oswald messaged me. I was stunned, happy and relieved all at the same at the fact that Oswald had finally asked me out on a date and it wasn't a text from Janet!

''Yeah, I'd love too!'' I sent back to him, but regretting it slightly since it sounded slightly clingy.

''Okay, great! See you in a few minuets :)'' He replied. I couldn't but continue to smile at the text he sent, secretly day dreaming about how our lunch date would eventually go like.

It wasn't long before Oswald showed up at my apartment's lift and I couldn't help but smile; just by seeing him made me smile, or even grin like a weirdo!

''Oswald! It's great to see you again!" I said to Oswald as he let go from our friendly hug.

"It's great to see you too Stella, how's life been?" He asked willingly. 

"It's alright ...." I said, sighing slightly as I looked at my phone and saw messages continue to pop from Janet. ''But it's been better ...''

''Oh that's a pity, anything I can do to help?'' He asked again.

''Well you can try and take me on the best lunch date of my life?'' I said, flirtatiously.

''Well I can assure you it will be the lunch date of your life!'' He then replied, both enthusiastically and flirtatiously. For a minuet we just both admired each other's figures until I subconsciously slapped myself back into reality.

'' Er - I'll just freshen up quickly, won't be long!'' I said to him, ending the awkward/romantic silence.

''Oh okay that's fine, should I wait outside or what?''

''No it's fine, you can wait in here, I won't be long!'' I replied.

Once I reached upstairs and into my open bedroom, I crept to the balcony part of it and looked down at Oswald, admiring him. I honestly never thought I'd be attracted to a guy this much again, after Andrew ... But I was and I wasn't going to just ignore my feelings over my paranoia.

''Just go with it Stella, you like him and I'm sure he likes you back ...'' Was what I kept on assuring myself.

''Stella?'' He called out, hearing me talk to myself.

''Shit.'' I whispered, ducking swiftly and was almost sure he never saw me.

Some minuets passed and I finally moved away from the balcony, being almost sure Oswald never spotted me. After fixing up my hair, taking off my glasses and putting some make - up on, I did the thing I always do: Look at my scar.

Every inch of that scar reminded me of that very day, three years after it happened.

''Why, why did I have to freaking have to kill him ... '' I said to myself once again, sighing at the sight of myself.

''Uhh Stella, are you sure you're okay? I mean we can do this another day if you're not up for it ...'' Oswald suddenly said, appearing from the stairway.

''Oh god, I never knew you were there!'' I replied, jumping slightly from my slumped position.

''Yeah, I came up to see what was taking you so long ...'' He replied, rubbing the back of his head in awkwardness.

''Listen, I'm just having a tough time right now, but I honestly want to go on this lunch date with you, if anything this will definitely cheer me up, so let's go!'' I said, trying to assure him I was fine.


We drove into town and stopped at a little neat Cafe just opposite Central Park.

''This is the place right?'' I asked Oswald, as I wasn't quite sure where it was.

''Yep, this is it!''

''So Stella, tell me about yourself?'' He said, getting the conversation started.

''Er - Well there's not much to my life, I was born into a rich family of eight, went to University with my brother and I graduated with a master's degree in Fine Arts, and now I own a Resort and an Art Gallery ...''

''Not much to your life, you own a freaking Art Gallery and Resort!'' He replied, surprisingly being interested in my life.

''Well yeah but it's kind boring ... But anyway tell me about your life!'' I said, becoming interested about his life even more.

''Well there's nothing much to learn, I grew up with my mum and sister and went to University, also earnt a degree in Fine Arts and stupidly got married young and as of now, my marriage if falling apart by the second ...'' He said, sighing slightly.

''Aw, so that woman I saw you arguing with at the Park was your wife.''

''Yeah, I wouldn't call her my wife anymore, we're getting divorced ...'' He admitted.

''Oh - Er - I'm so sorry ...'' I replied, awkwardly.

''Don't be! She turned into a complete bitch ever since we got married! I'm just happy to be divorcing her!'' He also admitted, as much as it was bad, I was slightly satisfied in hearing that ...

After out conversation together we both decided to grab a bite to eat. I got a latte and Oswald got a Double - Chocolate Muffin.

''Thanks for the great lunch Oswald, it definitely cheered me up!'' I thanked Oswald, genuinely feeling happy.

''No problem! Hey fancy going down to the pier as well, I heard they have a new horse shoe game, we could play that ...?'' He asked awkwardly

''Er, yeah, why not!''

By time we got to the pier Sunset wasn't to far from occurring and luckily the pier was quite empty.

We literally spent hours just playing horse shoes alone! There were times when Oswald would win and I'd be happy for him, but secretly annoyed inside and times when I'd win and he couldn't help but be angry! It was honestly such a fun and hilarious time!

''Okay I think that's enough for today, I'm honestly so tried out!'' Oswald admitted, grinning at me.

''Hmm, sure! But mind you so am I! Thank you for such a great day Oswald, I had so much fun!'' I replied, thanking him with huge, warming hug.

''No problem what so ever! I had a great time as well, we should do it again some time!'' He suggested, I blushed a little, knowing that he actually enjoyed himself and that he wanted to do it again!

''We should!'' I said, giving him another little hug.


I didn't get home until about Ten - Thirty in the evening and when I did, I took a nice, soothing hot bath, stripped into my pajamas and snuggled my little cats.

''Poppy, my little adorable cat!'' I said excitingly, snuggling her gently.

She obviously didn't reply but instead let out a small meow and tensed her belly.

''God, and you're a fat cat at as well! ...''

Some days passed and I decided to pay a visit to Cel, Jubi and the rest of their family and see how they were settling into their new apartment nicely or not.

''Stella, my girl!'' Jubilee called out, hugging me as soon as she opened the door and realised it was me knocking.

''Jubilee, it's been too damn long! Where's everyone else!?'' I asked.

''Well Ceallach's in the nursery changing Anabelle and Creig's over there doing some of his homework!''

''I'm done now mum, can I please go out and play now!?'' I heard Creig call out from the Kitchen.

''No, you still have your Algebra homework to do!'' Jubilee replied, shortly after Creig replied with a grunt and went into the other room to get what I presumed to be his other piece of homework!

Soon after, Ceallach came out with Anabelle and set her on the ground to play with her toys.

''Stella, I never knew you were coming over!'' Ceallach yelled out, glad to see me.

''I just decided to just surprise you guys, surprise!'' I replied, hugging my over - excited brother!

''How's things!?'' Jubilee called out from the Kitchen.

''They're good, they're good thanks! I've got some girl stuff to tell you about!'' I replied, winking at her as she knew exactly what I was talking about.

It wasn't long before Creig came back, storming out with his homework in his hand but grinning as he saw me.

''Hey Aunt Stell!''

''Hey kiddo, how's things!?'' I asked.

''They're great thanks! I'm having so much fun at my new school, the teachers and students are so nice to me!'' He replied, enthusiastically.

''Aw that's great kiddo, I'm glad you're happy there!''

''Yep!'' He replied, drifting away to the kitchen to do his remaining homework.

The last, but not least person to greet was little Anabelle! For a five month old baby, she was quite big but nonetheless adorable!

''Hey little girl, aren't you big now!'' I said, tickling her as she giggled away in her little baby grow. As I continued to entertain her I began to think of a forgotten life I could of had with Andrew, if he never turnt out to be the way he was. By now we would of probably been engaged, if not married and maybe even had a little kid like Anabelle. But I knew our life would of never been blissful, sooner or later we would of split up like Oswald and his wife had recently done.

But the fact was, I'd never know now ....

''Stella! Come on here, let's chat!'' Jubilee called out.


''So honey, tell me about your big date the other day, I'm assuming it went well?'' She asked, winking at me.

''Well you're right, it went perfectly! First we had a normal lunch date at the Cafe in town but then he took me to the pier and we played Horse Shoes for hours!''

''Oh god, what a perfect date! But wait, did you guys kiss?'' She also asked.

''Well ... No, but we were close to, I'm pretty sure he likes me back so maybe we just might if we ever go on another date ...''

''Oh Stella I'm sure you will ,you two seem perfect together!'' She assured, making me blush slightly!

''We do, don't we ...'' I said, starting to day dream slightly of Oswald and I's next date ...


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Generation 8, Chapter 11 : Some sense of happiness.

Some months had passed since that whole fiasco happened with Janet and her filthy brothers and also, some months had passed since I met Oswald. I could safely say that things actually got better after I met him; I was finally able to buy a run - down resort on the East Coast of Sunset Valley and after months of renovation, get it up to standards and hire staff!

 I decided to change the Cronwell's Cabana to a Spanish resort, which was a huge attraction for the tourist industry.

Business was booming and I spent most of my day at the Resort doing paper work, recruiting staff, and maintaining the maintenance crew so much that I hadn't even seen my family or even called Oswald back for the past few months.

Although I felt like I hadn't talked to anyone but my new cats in a while and made me feel lonely, I also felt accomplished of what I achieved as well!

''How are you today Miss. Cronwell?'' Brenda asked me. Brenda was my most hard working and reliable employee at Cronwell's Cabana and was always up and ready for another day at work.

''I'm doing great thank you, Brenda! It's my brother's wedding today so I need you to keep an eye on this place for the rest of the evening, is that okay?'' I asked her.

''Ah yes, Ceallach is his name? Good luck to him and his soon - to - be wife! And of course, I'd be more than okay to keep charge of this place for tonight.''

''Oh that's great, oh and one more thing -.'' I replied to her, shortly before being held up by my phone buzzing in my pocket. ''One minuet Brenda.''

''Jubi! Hey! I know I know, I'm late, I'll be there soon!'' I assured Jubilee as I knew this was about to scream down the phone, demanding me to come down to the Chapel.

''You better be, the service starts in half an hour! And oh remember to pick up your wedding dress at your mum's house, she told Ceallach that it's in the Living hung up by the bird cage.'' She told me, directing me to my bridesmaid dress.

''Oh god, I almost forgot about the dress, thanks a lot!'' I replied, thanking her.

''I knew you would, that's why I had to reaming you!'' She said, before being interrupted by Creig calling her over. '' - I gotta go Stell, see you soon!'' She said, hanging up before I got a chance to say bye!

''Well lookie over there Creig, Auntie Stella actually made it, on time!'' Jubilee sarcastically said to Creig as she tickled him at the same time.

''Very funny Jubi, very funny!'' I replied to Jubilee, narrowing my eyes at her sarcastic statement. She winked at me and of course I couldn't help but laugh a bit, everything today seemed to be just be a bit of a joke, except the actual wedding of course!

Jubilee sat little Creig down for him to play with his toys as she adjusted her dress and look in the mirror, both critiquing her dress and her growing belly.

They both decided to try for a baby some few months back and probably within a few weeks or so, Jubilee found out she was pregnant! Unfortunately, they both received some negative views from the public about creating a second baby out of marriage but honestly, they just brushed it off and stayed strong, which was great! The fact that people are still judgmental about having children out of marriage, even if the couple is in a secure relationship but just not married was absolutely horrible! Jubilee and Ceallach both loved each other very much and the fact is that they're bringing another lovely child into this world, isn't that the real priority here, and not marriage?

On the other hand, Jubilee was having some doubts about her image right before the ceremony ...

''Oh god, look at me, I look like a freaking whale!'' She said, sighing slightly.

''No you do not! You look absolutely beautiful! The bump just makes you look even better!'' I reassured her.

''Are you sure ...?'' She asked nervously.

''I'm positive! You're not pregnant, you're glowing!'' I replied.

''Aww!'' She said happily, waddling over to me and giving me a big hug. ''You're honestly the greatest friend I could ever ask for.'' As she said that, I looked in the mirror at myself, then thought of Janet shaking her head at me in dismay.

Somehow, I wanted Janet to forgive me, after all, she was my best friend ... But that was never going to happen, I hurt her, and she hurt me. The only true friend to me now was Jubilee.

''So are you darling, so are you!'' I replied.

After helping Jubilee with the finishing touches to hers and Creig's outfits, I went back upstairs into the main hall to check everything was well set up to standards, only to see Ceallach sitting in the front isle, staring blankly out the window and into the Sunset.

''Your alright Ceallach?'' I asked. He was obviously startled by someone suddenly talking and he jumped up in fright.

''Er - Yeah ... Everything's fine ...'' He said, however I could clearly see he was lying.

''No everything's not fine, I know you Ceallach, what's wrong? Are you having Pre - Wedding jitters?'' I questioned, having no idea as to why he was so worried looking.

''Oh no, it's not that ... '' He replied.

''Well what is it?'' I asked once more, becoming even more worried.

''I-I still haven't told Jubilee that I'm Bi - Bisexual ...'' She stuttered out, rubbing his head in awkwardness.

'' You haven't done what!? Ceallach you're getting married to her in a matter of minuets! She pregnant with your second child! She deserves to know!'' I said, looking just as worried as he was, even thinking this wedding may turn a wrong way.

''I know, I know she does. I - I just can't tell her, I can't face up to it ...'' He replied, looking blankly at the floor.

''Well you have to, you can't not tell her!'' I replied, shaking him to get his attention.

''I know ...'' He said, sighing.

''Look ...'' I said in desperation, feeling quite sorry for him. '' ... I'm sure she'll accept you, and besides, she probably know, you know, you're quite feminine!''

''Hey, rude!''

''I'm joking! But seriously, would you promise me something?'' I asked him.

''Depends, what is it?'' He asked me.

''At least tell her soon, before the baby is born. You can't leave it to ten, twenty years down the line when they're all grown up otherwise your future marriage could fall apart. Promise me you'll tell her soon?'' I pleaded.

''Fine, I'll tell her soon ...'' He agreed, smiling slightly at me.

''Thank you, now get your ass inside that arch, it's time to get married to the love of your life!'' I said, hugging him with excitement.

The ceremony luckily went perfectly. Our family and friends arrived at the perfect time and everything actually went right for once. I could see Jubilee was over the moon to marry my brother, her eyes became teary a bit as my brother slid the gold ring on her finger.

My brother paced his hands on her belly as I heard her whisper in his ear that the baby was kicking. After that Jubilee slid the matching ring on his finger and they both kissed each other.

''I love you so much, Jubilee.'' Ceallach said softly, hugging her passionately. Our dad screamed out ''Awww!'' and everyone looked around at him in anger from disturbing the ceremony!

''Dad, shut up! You're disturbing the ceremony!''

''Well I'm sorry, I'm a sucker for romance!'' He mouthed to me, getting the idea that he needed to keep quiet. We both laughed silently at each other then payed our attention back on Ceallach and Jubi.

As their official kiss signaled that they were finally married, everyone jumped up in joy and and clapped at the romantic sight. The wedding bells rang in the night sky and it almost felt the whole of Sunset Valley knew my brother and his now wife were married!

The greatest gift of all was the fact that our grandparents were still alive to witness this amazing day! Grandma Cassidy had been sick for some while, suffering from many illnesses, however she was able to make it to the wedding, along with our ever so enthusiastic Granddad Harrison! You'd think at ninety years old a man couldn't be this enthusiastic!

The cutting of the wedding Cake soon occurred once everyone was out of the Church halls. Jubilee was smiling away as she held the special knife with her husbands hand as company, as it slid into the white velvet Cake.

''Three cheers to the happy couple!'' My mum shouted out, becoming just a bit tipsy on the Champagne!

''Hip hip, hurray! Hip hip, hurray! Hip hip, hurray!''


Hours passed on and everyone was in such a lively and enthusiastic mood. I was casually sipping out of my glass of Champaign, looking at the illuminating moon and the cliff edge before my dad stood next to me.

''So Stella, when do you plan on getting married?'' He asked me, as a huge grin emerged on his face!

''That depends that, I need a boyfriend first ...'' I replied.

''How about that Oswald guy you told me about, he seemed pretty genuine ...?'' He asked.

''Hmm, maybe. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.'' I said slowly because I got side tracked ... Thinking about Oswald.


As the night ended and I got back to my house, I looked at one of the wedding pictures we took in the photo booth and smiled at it.

It seemed my brother, and I finally found some sense of happiness.


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