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Generation 8, Chapter 13 : Look who's back ...

*Authors note - 
Sorry for the delay of these pots for the past month, I've honestly had a bit of writer's block lately which has been making it really hard for me to write posts often. A bit of this 'Writer's block' is also down to procrastination, which I admit to doing a lot ! Anyway, hopefully this awfully written post will push me to write much more often again and progress through this generation faster.
-Also, this post contains some strong language.

''Hey Stella, fancy going on a date today? I have the day of work and honestly couldn't stop thinking about you ...'' Oswald said quickly as he called me up. My face lit up with absolute joy as he said he 'couldn't stop thinking about me'.

''Yeah, sure thing! And aww, you're way too cute Mr. Davis!'' I replied romantically, not even bothering to hide my excitement.

''Great! Meet me at that pub place around the corner in an hour?'' He asked, making sure the place was perfect for me.

''Sure thing, see you then.'' I said, hanging up and jumping with joy.


''Hey babe, it's great to see you again.'' Oswald said romantically, going in for a hug.

''It is! I've missed seeing your beautiful face.'' I replied, as he hugged me amorously.

I quickly lost track of time as Oswald and I were having way too much fun! One thing that I really liked about Oswald was that he wasn't at all competitive, if he lost he wouldn't make hissy fit like most boys do.

Also, he could actually sing quite well which I honestly didn't expect! When we were awkwardly pushed up to the stage by the pub owner and forced to Wrecking Ball, Oswald took it really well and got a round of applause!

Later that evening we decided to take a break from all the games and singing and just have a nice chat with a couple of drinks.

''Oswald, can I - er - ask you something?'' I nervously asked him, hoping he wouldn't mind.

''Sure Stella ...'' He replied.

''You're not still married to your wife are you ...?'' I had to ask it, it had been circling my mind for weeks now and I couldn't hold it in anymore.

''Of course not, well not for a month now ....'' He said quickly, sighing. ''I was almost one hundred percent sure I was going to divorce Launa that very day I met because I honestly just had enough of her, and she probably had had enough of me as well.'' He then added.

I awkwardly sat there for a minuet or so, not knowing what to say next. Do I say sorry? Or do I say it's her fault? Or do I even say they should try again, for their unborn child's sake? Definitely not.

Just as I was about to say sorry, Oswald said something again which got me quite curious.

''... But that's not all ...'' He said, staring blankly at the pool table.

''What do you mean that's not all?'' I questioned him.

''Launa had our baby a week ago, a little girl called Olivia Daniella Hartcastle ...''

''Oh, well congratulations! Isn't that great?'' I asked, questioning him once again because he said it quite sadly.

''Not really, she cleverly got full custody over Olivia to deliberately spike me for breaking up with her ... I haven't seen my little girl once, not even in a picture or anything.'' He said, sighing.

''Oh my god, I'm so sorry Oswald ...'' Getting up awkwardly to hug him while he was quite upset.

''Listen Oswald, if there is anything I can to help make sure you get some custody over your daughter, I will. Promise.'' I said. He looked up at me and smiled, thanking me.

By this time, we decided to end the date and call it a night.

''Goodnight Stella, I had a really gr-.'' Oswald started to say, before he was cut off by a familiar voice behind the both of us.

''Great night you're going to say? I think not, not yet at least.'' The familiar voice said quickly, and quite evil-like.

Surprisingly, we both turned around quite quickly to see none other than ...Janet!

''Ooh, hello Stella, it's been a while hasn't it? Is this you're no boyfriend aye? Damn you've well for yourself!'' Janet said, looking Oswald up and down as he awkwardly stood there rubbing his head.

''Er - who is this Stella?'' Oswald asked.

''This is Janet, a lying vindictive bitch, that USED to be my best friend!'' I said, introducing Janet quite accurately.

''Oh I'm a lying vindictive bitch, well at least I'm not a mu-.'' She said before I quickly cut her off with a slap.

''Oh, shit!'' Oswald shouted out, as I slapped her and another familiar face was running towards us.

''Don't you fucking dare touch my sister!'' One of Janet's filthy older brother's shouted out, running towards me. 

Just as he was about to launch himself at me Oswald jumped in front of me and after some tackling, got him in a head lock and even knocked him out cold!

As Janet's unconcious brother's body fell to the ground, I looked at Oswald in pure shock, and Janet looked at both of us in pure anger.

''There's no time to judge, just run!'' He said to me, before bolting off as I steadily ran behind him.

''You two are going to fucking pay for this! Be careful, Stella be careful!'' She shouted out at me, which honestly made me stand still for a few seconds, knowing exactly what she was going to do.

''Carry on running Stella!'' Oswald called out a few yards away, snapping me straight back into reality which then made made me carry on running.

''Stella! What the hell was that all about!? They both looked liked they wanted to kill you!'' Oswald said in complete shock, staring at me for answers.

''I - I - I .... Killed my boyfriend about three years ago. I was an accident, we had a big argument about my brother's wife having her baby in our apartment and how it was getting small and he walked out and I found him on the beach and we were arguing so much and he pulled a knife out at me I just didn't' know what do and he gave me this scare and-.'' Oswald stopped me as I probably would of continued to pour out crap.

''I know you hate me now and you're probably going to think I'm some kind of crazy murderer or something but I'm not, it was self-defense ...'' I tried best to explain.

''Stella, just shut up for a minuet! I don't care if you killed your Ex-boyfriend, by the looks of it he was planning to kill you anyway so he probably deserved it. It's baggage, a hefty bit of baggage but I don't care about hefty baggage. I care about you ....''

''... Enough to kiss you.''


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  1. That fright you gave me! The Cromwell Legacy I thought would not publish more chapters as step Catlover800 legacy. But now I've gone and I have become happy to know that I can finally read a chapter of this wonderful legacy. I really enjoyed getting to spend a month every Sunday. I left with the plot to see the next. Congratulations Kurtis

    1. Oh no, I wasn't going to drop this legacy! I've just been having a hard time to find some inspiration to write but I'm still glad you took the time to read it & Aww, thank you! I really appreciate it!

  2. I finally caught up! What a great way to end the chapter! :D I really have no words to say about this generation. It's so exciting with Janet and the way Stella killed Andrew and all that jazz.

    As I mentioned on facebook, I know how writer's block feels (as well as not even wanting to play sims at all). I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes through long periods without posting.

    Anywho, great chapter, Kurtis. :) I look forward to more. ^_^

    1. Thank you, Molly! I'm very grateful that you took the time to catch up with my legacy and enjoyed it so far! And yay, but don't worry, they'll be much more excitement and shock to come over the next six or seven chapters ahead! :3

      Yeah, I honestly thought I'd never experience writers block but aye, everyone does at least at one point. And also with not wanting to play Sims, I'm experiencing that a bit write now which is pain when I need to take pictures for the upcoming chapters.

      Thanks Molly, and again I'm glad you liked it!


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