Thursday, 29 May 2014

Generation 8, Chapter 18 : Goodbye, for now.

''Err, hey there, it's been a while hasn't it ...''

''You probably don't remember me that much, I'm Stella Cronwell, daughter of Robin and Gemma Cronwell and the current heir to Generation 8 of The Cronwell Legacy. It's been about ten, eleven years since you last heard about me! Last time you heard from me was when I gave birth to the twins ... Damn things have changed a lot since then, let me catch you up ...''

'' ...But first of all, hey! It's great to see you again!''

About five years or so ago, Oswald and I decided it would be best to get a change of scenery, to try something new that would benefit us, Olivia and the twins, so we conveniently moves to Evansdale County.

It's sort of a combination of both Sunset Valley and Bridgeport, with the bustling city just a few hours South and the calm, countryside where our house resides.

I decided that running multiple businesses in a whole different town would be extremely demanding, which is why I sold off all the properties and the resort I owned and surprisingly the money from them came up to a total about of just under a million pounds. We thought it would be best to put two thirds of that money into savings for the children's university and downsize to a smaller, yet spacious terrace house. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a basement and a conservatory.

In present times, Olivia just turned seventeen and was getting ready to finish her exams, graduate and go ff to University. She spends quite a lot of time writing books and fortunately has published seven of them already!

She almost completely resembles her mother, Launa, and only slightly looks like Oswald. Olivia still visits her mother in Sunset Valley every other month and calls her almost every other day. She plans to move back to Sunset Valley and move in with her mother once she finishes University.

Olivia treats her half brother and sister like they are completely related to her, they all get along so well and always play together!

She had quite a privileged childhood compared to other children, being older than the twins by six years she got a lot of privileges and was incredibly spoiled by her father!


In present times, Remy and Dominique recently turned eleven and although they technically weren't, they were already becoming teenagers! Remy is a clean boy who cares about his appearance and reputation, however Dominique, is a tomboy and doesn't mind getting down and dirty with things and enjoys playing games with her twin brother and just generally having fun.

When they were babies, we couldn't help but devote our attention to them because we believed it was a miracle that we had twins especially since we didn't know we were expecting twins! Both were quiet babies and enjoyed swinging in their baby swings all day long.

Dominique was a much more adventurous toddler than Remy, she would ride in her mini Car all day all around the house, however Remy preferred to just stroll around the house,mostly taking his time.

The only thing they had in common was how demanding they were as toddlers! If Remy didn't want his bottle, Domi had a dirty diaper; If Domi wanted a cuddle, Remy wanted to play with his parents!

As the years went by, their birthday quickly approached us and sooner enough my little twins weren't so little anymore!


In the last year or so, after months and months of deciding, Oswald and I tried again for one more baby and fortunately we were luckily enough to conceive!


Oswald literally can't stop feeling our unborn child kick and press against my stomach, every time I tell him the baby moved he jumped out of his seat and rushed to feel it kicking!

''Just two more months Stella and we get to see our little baby in real life!'' He said, as tears of joy formed in his tear ducts.

''I know honey, I actually can't wait to have him or her, it'll be nice to have another little one in the house again!'' I replied, holding his hands against my stomach.

To be honest, I don't know what's to come in the future for me and my ever - growing family, however I know for sure I'll keep my children and my unborn child safe for as long as a live, they're all that matters to me now.


Well, errr, hey there guys, it's been a while hasn't it ... First of all I'd just like to apologise for my four months absence. I just didn't like the idea of writing every week and the stress of school quickly began to catch up on me, however I didn't just want to leave this generation hanging for years, I wanted to somewhat close this Generation off with a nice, little chapter explaining what happened since I last posted. If I'm honest I don't know when I'll be back with another chapter, I just like to play The Cronwell's now without writing because it's much easier and I have much more control over what to do with the family, their characters, story lines, etc.

From time to time I will post pictures of the Cronwell's on my Sims tumblr ( but other than that I don't think I'll be active anywhere else. I'll occasionally log in to my Sims Facebook (Kurtis Sims) but if you'd really like to reach me you can on my Sims Tumblr by just send me a message.

Oh and eventually I will get back to The Cronwell Legacy Saga, that's on standby ...

Goodbye for now,